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Just Say No to Noise and Needless Interruptions

28 Nov

Just Say No to the Noise!

The workplace has become a deafening place with 24/7 demands. While technology has enabled us to learn and communicate in ways that were impossible 10 years ago, it has also created a sense of urgency to tasks that otherwise would not have crossed our desk.

Amidst all the chaos and seemingly endless demands, we let our days get away from us by inadvertently letting others’ requests dominate our time. By the end of the day, we are exhausted and frustrated by the “real” work that did not get completed.  Continue reading

Quick Poll: Do You Listen to Music at Work?

19 Nov

Music has been a huge key for me lately – it clears my head, makes me smile, helps me sweat, and I’ve been known to erupt in a spontaneous jance (Jog + Dance).  At work, I’ve dialed in a Groovy Office Music Station on Pandora with some lovely Jackson Browne, James Taylor & Alison Krauss.

Do you groove at work? If so, what to?


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