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My Unexpected Holiday Treat

28 Dec

While many folks look forward to travel and cookies, I was looking forward to EXERCISE! This year I’ve learned that exercise is one of the most important ingredients for my sanity and well being. And between the rain, work, my cold, and stitches (I had a mole removed – all tests negative TYVM), I haven’t been working out hard, and I lost quite a bit of strength and cardio endurance (and sanity). Not that I don’t count my wogging excursions and dates with the elliptical (they TOTALLY count), but there is great value in dripping-sweat-kick-ass-workouts.

So, just for today, I will press, twist, squat, and jump. I’m happy to say that despite wanting to quit at minutes 5, 10 & 15, I persevered for 40 minutes. I’m hoping that by building my strength after a few more workouts that I’ll be past quitter mode. (But I’ve always been a mental sissy re: exercise, so I’m not counting on it). Continue reading

The 2000 Calorie Scam

12 Dec

Nutritional LabelI’ve never been on a diet per se, and I didn’t own a scale until I was 30. In fact, I’ve never “really” counted calories.

But somewhere in my head, the 2,000 calorie number just roamed around. And that should be no surprise because it’s on every nutritional label.

Last year I noticed some overall chunkiness (you know, that super sexy roll over the waistband). And combined with my trip to the ER from my fainting incident, I definitely reevaluated my health habits. (Which quite frankly, were more like unhealthy habits, to say the least.)

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I stopped eating out. I began working with a trainer. I ate breakfast and vegetables and drank more water (which were all significant improvements for me). And although I was not a beacon of health, you would think that going from a fast-food-eating-couch-potato to a protein-and-vegetable-eating-exerciser would result in a pound here or there.

Not. Continue reading

400 Minutes and I Only Went to Gym Once?

29 Oct

Can it be? Did I get in 400 minutes of activity without trying that hard and only going to the gym once? Confirmed by a spreadsheet and double-checking my formulas – I did, in fact, get 400 minutes of activity in 7 days.

The biggie? I walked to work…. That added some serious minutes. Granted, it’s not hard core, but it’s still activity, and my happy music tends to pick up my step a bit. (Plus I’ve been enjoying the quizzical glances and smiles as I sing, smile, and snap down the sidewalk.) Let us not forget my 2.5 hr bike ride — that certainly made a dent too!

But, it wasn’t that long ago when I looked at the recommendations for activity and shrieked, “There’s no way I can move that many minutes in a week – I’m too busy!”

Day Activity Moderate Sweaty Total
Sat Bike Ride 0 150 150
Sun Couch Potato 0 0
Mon C25K Walk/Jog + Walk to Work 30 30 60
Tues Gym w SONJIA & Walk to Work 30 60 90
Weds Computer Slave 0 0
Thurs Walk to Work & Jump Rope Practice (Met Goal #1 **smiles proudly**) 30 20 50
Fri Walk to Work + Errands 50 50
Total Minutes 140 260 400

What I learned? Every little bit counts – even a few minutes at a time (check out Lisa Johnson’s on Starting a Cardio Plan). And walking + music is good for my soul… so there was a great benefit to my mood (again, Lisa did a great article “Come On – Get Happy” a few days ago).

Have you had any aha moments about getting some activity in? Any tips to share?

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