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The 2000 Calorie Scam

12 Dec

Nutritional LabelI’ve never been on a diet per se, and I didn’t own a scale until I was 30. In fact, I’ve never “really” counted calories.

But somewhere in my head, the 2,000 calorie number just roamed around. And that should be no surprise because it’s on every nutritional label.

Last year I noticed some overall chunkiness (you know, that super sexy roll over the waistband). And combined with my trip to the ER from my fainting incident, I definitely reevaluated my health habits. (Which quite frankly, were more like unhealthy habits, to say the least.)

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I stopped eating out. I began working with a trainer. I ate breakfast and vegetables and drank more water (which were all significant improvements for me). And although I was not a beacon of health, you would think that going from a fast-food-eating-couch-potato to a protein-and-vegetable-eating-exerciser would result in a pound here or there.

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