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400 Minutes and I Only Went to Gym Once?

29 Oct

Can it be? Did I get in 400 minutes of activity without trying that hard and only going to the gym once? Confirmed by a spreadsheet and double-checking my formulas – I did, in fact, get 400 minutes of activity in 7 days.

The biggie? I walked to work…. That added some serious minutes. Granted, it’s not hard core, but it’s still activity, and my happy music tends to pick up my step a bit. (Plus I’ve been enjoying the quizzical glances and smiles as I sing, smile, and snap down the sidewalk.) Let us not forget my 2.5 hr bike ride — that certainly made a dent too!

But, it wasn’t that long ago when I looked at the recommendations for activity and shrieked, “There’s no way I can move that many minutes in a week – I’m too busy!”

Day Activity Moderate Sweaty Total
Sat Bike Ride 0 150 150
Sun Couch Potato 0 0
Mon C25K Walk/Jog + Walk to Work 30 30 60
Tues Gym w SONJIA & Walk to Work 30 60 90
Weds Computer Slave 0 0
Thurs Walk to Work & Jump Rope Practice (Met Goal #1 **smiles proudly**) 30 20 50
Fri Walk to Work + Errands 50 50
Total Minutes 140 260 400

What I learned? Every little bit counts – even a few minutes at a time (check out Lisa Johnson’s on Starting a Cardio Plan). And walking + music is good for my soul… so there was a great benefit to my mood (again, Lisa did a great article “Come On – Get Happy” a few days ago).

Have you had any aha moments about getting some activity in? Any tips to share?

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