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Can I Order a Pizza and Put It on Your Tab?

19 Sep

Note: I originally posted this, uh, 2 years ago on Sip the Good Life. And since this is still a big part of my story, I felt it totally appropriate to repost. Since the original piece, we have eaten far less pizza and have made a smidge of progress. That said, I’m still a disaster in the kitchen.


No joke. That was a text from my teenage son, who was home alone while I was on a business trip to SF.

This is both hysterical and disturbing on many levels:

  • He actually thought I had a tab with the pizza company.
  • Either it didn’t occur to him, he didn’t want to, or he didn’t know how to prepare something to eat.

OK – full disclosure – and trust me, this isn’t easy. I’ve worked in the sustainable agriculture industry for 12 years. I’ve sat on statewide and national committees on the issue and am often asked to weigh in on policy matters. I feel very strongly about supporting local farmers, connecting school food programs with farmers, and recognizing that eating is an agricultural act. And when I actually go to farmer’s markets, I even know a bunch of the growers by their first name.

But somehow my personal eating habits have degenerated to what some would consider embarrassing, and others would consider dismal. Depending on the moment – I would totally agree with both – but I’m not going to drift into a remorseful funk.

With one innocent text from my son as my wake up call, I’ve decided to come out of the closet on this one. And cyberspace is way out of the closet.

So what’s the how and why of it? How did there become such a disconnect between my beliefs and my actions? Hectic schedule? Emotional sabotage? Lack of energy? Not to mention that I really don’t enjoy shopping, many things I prepare totally suck (which is a complete waste of time in my opinion), and I don’t enjoy time in the kitchen (I see it as lonely drudgery).

So having taken the first important step, I’m on a quest to make some small, meaningful lifestyle changes to bring my values and cuisine back into alignment and to share some learning and fun with my son. It won’t be easy because my barriers are still around. In fact, I don’t even know where to start. But I’ll keep you posted (and I’m taking the pizza off of both of our speed dials).

Are you a food sinner? Care to share?

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