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The Confessions of a Reluctant Exerciser

3 Jun

X Files AlienOn a gloomy December afternoon, Michelle (@ragemichelle) and I crossed paths in the twitter stream. She was sick in the body. I was sick in the head. We were two peas in a pod and it was WONDERFUL to not be alone in our grumpiness!  We swore. We mocked ourselves. We griped. And we giggled… a lot. I joined her rage on her What I Learned from Fox Muldar  post where she confessed watching 30 or so X-File episodes and fretting about not working out.  I related to her plight. Of course, she had an excuse; she was sick! Me? I’m too lazy to put on my shoes. I confessed being a reluctant exerciser. Continue reading

From Panic to Pride – My Slow Shift in the Kitchen

4 Oct

Vegetables - My New Kitchen StapleI’ve been scolded in the kitchen. I’ve cried in the kitchen. I’ve been labeled the “little salad maker” (and not in a complimentary way). The whole cooking thing for me is an emotional issue. My being a bad cook has become part of my identity, which actually is fairly sad.

My recent interest in wanting to learn how to cook has really been about an overall wellness path. (And let’s not forget the wake up call when my son called and asked, “Can I Order a Pizza and Put it on Your Tab?” Preparing healthy, tasty food is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Some of it is vanity (I’d like to shed a couple of pounds). Some of it is that I really enjoy fresh and interesting dishes. I’m also completely bored of eating out and paying restaurant prices for food that doesn’t help me stay lean.

In addition to the health piece, the other big motivation comes from panic because my son will be leaving in a year, and I haven’t taught him well about food.

Enter My Social Media Community

What started as snarky little comments about food, cooking, and my lack of skills on Facebook and Twitter, has resulted into a wealth of support and information from my social media community. In the last few months, I’ve embarked on several daring (relative term of course) kitchen experiments, gotten immediate support when something is on the grill, received help identifying a mystery herb, and guidance on various kitchen gadgets. (Remember, everything is an experiment for me because I am THAT inexperienced.)

What I’ve Learned

  1. Nuts make everything better – pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans – they’re crunchy and flavorful and they make me feel like a gourmet.
  2. Ditto for cheese – goat, Parmesan, feta, ricotta – just a sprinkle or dab and VOILA! I now own a little grater and grated my first hunk of Parmesan this summer sans injuries to my knuckles.
  3. Even when I’m dead tired during the week, it doesn’t take that long to throw a couple of chicken breasts into a pan with some peppers, onions, and tomatoes, then finish with basil, squash, and of course, nuts & cheese. For me, energy (or lack of it) is a real barrier. So it’s critical to have key ingredients handy – onions, garlic, lemons, red peppers, tomatoes, chicken, spinach, balsamic, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs, broth, and veggies.
  4. I love caramelized onions – even though some would call me a cheater (I add a smidge of sugar and balsamic) – I don’t care, because I used a pan, a knife, and 4 ingredients.
  5. I am not a bad cook – I’m just inexperienced, uneducated and untrained. There is a BIG difference.

I’m still essentially an assembler. But I’m using knives, pans, grills, pizza stones, and my new chopper thingie – so I’m pretty sure I’m cooking too. I’ll catch up soon with my cooking/assembling posts.

In the meantime, do you have any tips? I really appreciate having everyone’s support!

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What’s In a Name?

13 Sep

I figured it was finally time to get organized and uniformly secure  name in the digital world. (Note: I am not a blogger, but for now, this format is easier than a website.)

First step? The name… Can I get the same name on different platforms? Are they even available? I am fond of Krazy_Kris on twitter, but do I really want to brand myself as Krazy_Kris everywhere?

Naturally I was stoked to see that KrisMOConnor was available in various places — thank goodness, because I don’t have the mental energy to remember different names. And cross posting & linking with different handles is a pain.

Then I remembered the dreadful truth. This is my married name, and I’ve been divorced over a decade.

I’ve often thought about changing my name after my son went to college — he’s a high school senior now. But after 12 years in the same organization, it probably doesn’t make much sense at this point from a professional point of view. After all, I’ve even gotten a prestigious award with this name (proven by a magnum with Kris O’Connor beautifully etched into the glass).

Crazy thoughts continue….

What if I get remarried someday? It is not likely but not entirely impossible I suppose. Would I change my name? Would I be able to secure my new name in different places? I would have to do this all over. Should I just remain Krazy_Kris with all of its, uh,  implications?

This is all WAY too much to consider at 10 pm – so for now – I’m KrisMOConnor. (The M is for Michelle, like the Beatles song….)

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