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Dear Michael | A Note to My Teen Son

30 Dec

We are fortunate. We are blessed with abundance and choices, and we have enjoyed many years together with loads of fond memories. And even though it has been difficult for both of us lately (for me parenting a teenager, and for you being the teen), please remember, you are my son, and I will always love you.

Your wickedly funny and clever sense of humor always makes me laugh. You are smart, capable, and independent. I am very proud of you.

But loving you doesn’t mean enabling you when you veer off course.

Becoming truly independent requires both acknowledging and taking responsibility for our choices. There are always consequences – both good and bad.  Honesty, kindness, and humility in words and actions will always be the best choice . The world will then know you to be a man of your words, a considerate friend, a dependable worker. Trust me, these character traits will serve you well.

I know that I have no control over your choices. But I do have control over some of the consequences. And it is because I love you that I’m not softening the landing for some of your more recent decisions.

I want nothing more for you but to be happy and healthy. And even though it may not feel like that today, remember, you are my son, and I will always love you.



P.S. Mark Twain was smart and witty – I think you would enjoy many of his wise words.

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