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We Walked, Played and Ate | My Dad’s Healthy Visit

29 May
Healthy Family Habits

My Dad, Sis, and Me - A "Few" Years Back

I’m my father’s daughter. We have never been the healthy ones of our family. Like him, my tendencies are to watch too much Law and Order, skip breakfast, indulge in sweets, and eat fritos with creamy dips. Me? Well I ended up in the hospital due to chronic dehydration and basically felt crappy all the time. Him? He got the pre-diabetes and cholesterol talk from his doctor and felt crappy all the time. So here we are, in a similar place, wanting to be a bit healthier and feel better by adopting new habits.  [Side Note: My sis and mom have always been healthy. I didn’t get those genes. LOL]  Continue reading

Lessons Learned and Unexpected Treats at #Fitbloggin

23 May

My Roomies @foodiemcbody and @kclanderson - I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

I decided on Monday and flew out on Wednesday to attend #Fitbloggin – so I didn’t have much time to prepare or fret. I really had no idea what to expect, but I knew I wanted to meet my tweeps in real life. The people were definitely the best part, but the Intuitive Eating panel, Attune Foods panel, and Friday Night Shows were unexpected treats for me. I walked away with  loads of new friends, stronger connections with existing buddies, cool tips and products, great information, and lots of questions (i.e., Who Am I?) – ha! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this conference – it was uber fun, super inspiring, and filled with #soulmedicine. And yes – the irony of ME going to #fitbloggin is pretty darn funny.   Continue reading

I’m Going to #Fitbloggin | The Irony Continues

17 May
My Bike and Me

My Bike and Me - In Real Life

I’m going to #fitbloggin and I consider this to be a continuation of life’s latest ironies. After all, I’m not really fit and I’m not really a blogger. So I giggle, and I’m struck, once again, how the ironies pile up.

I don’t cook, yet most people come to my non-blog searching for a recipe. I ended up in the hospital due to chronic dehydration, but people ask me about being healthy. I’m growing herbs, but I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know how to ride a bike, but I just bought one. You get the idea, right?  Continue reading

Healthy Coffee Cake Recipe | Bob’s Red Mill 8-Grain Cereal

1 Jan

The body snatchers are lurking, and the result is another baking experiment from this non-cook. This time it’s healthy coffee cake with Bob’s Red Mill 8 Grain Hot Cereal. I used Bob’s Original Recipe as the base, and since I had some of their pancake & waffle mix handy, I used that instead of the other flour and related rising stuff. The result is a hearty and healthy coffee cake that is nutty and just sweet enough. I had a bit more batter than a pie dish, so I made a few individuals in my pretty new dishes. (Too bad I can’t focus the camera – sigh – I’ll work on that….)

You may wonder why I’m on this 8 Grain Cereal kick – well, in 1/4 cup serving, it has 27 g carbs, 0 sugar, 6 g fiber & 5 g protein. I’m thinking this is a PERFECT base ingredient, eh?

Healthy Coffee Cake

Combine dry ingredients. Mix together the butter, eggs, syrup & yogurt; mix wet with dry. Pour a portion into a greased pie pan. Add a layer of apples & nuts. Pour the remainder of batter over the top. Bake at 35o for 30 minutes. (Note: I didn’t watch the time perfectly – and my “recollection” was that it was done in 30 minutes – but it may have been less. Keep an eye on it and when the toothpick is clean – voila!)

I think I’m going to try some cookies later…. What else could we make with the Bob’s 8 Grain Cereal?


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The 2000 Calorie Scam

12 Dec

Nutritional LabelI’ve never been on a diet per se, and I didn’t own a scale until I was 30. In fact, I’ve never “really” counted calories.

But somewhere in my head, the 2,000 calorie number just roamed around. And that should be no surprise because it’s on every nutritional label.

Last year I noticed some overall chunkiness (you know, that super sexy roll over the waistband). And combined with my trip to the ER from my fainting incident, I definitely reevaluated my health habits. (Which quite frankly, were more like unhealthy habits, to say the least.)

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I stopped eating out. I began working with a trainer. I ate breakfast and vegetables and drank more water (which were all significant improvements for me). And although I was not a beacon of health, you would think that going from a fast-food-eating-couch-potato to a protein-and-vegetable-eating-exerciser would result in a pound here or there.

Not. Continue reading

10 Clues That I’ve Adopted New Healthy Habits

7 Nov

Trying to incorporate new healthy habits has been a slow process. For me, making sustained changes requires baby steps that I can do one day at a time. I’m smart enough to know that I’m not going to swap a pizza for a cooking habit overnight.  On that one, I started by committing to cook 2 days per week (up from zero).  And if I’d started saying, “I have to get 200 minutes/week activity,” it would be so daunting, I would quit before I started. I started by working out with a trainer 2 days per week, and a couple of weeks ago I actually got 400 minutes of activity! As a frame of reference, it wasn’t that long ago that I got zero minutes per week (sad, I know).   Continue reading

Syncope – My Little Wake Up Call

1 Nov

I’ve avoided writing about this because it’s embarrassing. After all, I’m an educated person and “know” the good stuff I’m supposed to be doing for myself: drink water, eat my veggies, get rest, blah blah blah… This is NOT rocket science, for crying out loud. But knowing and doing are totally different things.  Continue reading

400 Minutes and I Only Went to Gym Once?

29 Oct

Can it be? Did I get in 400 minutes of activity without trying that hard and only going to the gym once? Confirmed by a spreadsheet and double-checking my formulas – I did, in fact, get 400 minutes of activity in 7 days.

The biggie? I walked to work…. That added some serious minutes. Granted, it’s not hard core, but it’s still activity, and my happy music tends to pick up my step a bit. (Plus I’ve been enjoying the quizzical glances and smiles as I sing, smile, and snap down the sidewalk.) Let us not forget my 2.5 hr bike ride — that certainly made a dent too!

But, it wasn’t that long ago when I looked at the recommendations for activity and shrieked, “There’s no way I can move that many minutes in a week – I’m too busy!”

Day Activity Moderate Sweaty Total
Sat Bike Ride 0 150 150
Sun Couch Potato 0 0
Mon C25K Walk/Jog + Walk to Work 30 30 60
Tues Gym w SONJIA & Walk to Work 30 60 90
Weds Computer Slave 0 0
Thurs Walk to Work & Jump Rope Practice (Met Goal #1 **smiles proudly**) 30 20 50
Fri Walk to Work + Errands 50 50
Total Minutes 140 260 400

What I learned? Every little bit counts – even a few minutes at a time (check out Lisa Johnson’s on Starting a Cardio Plan). And walking + music is good for my soul… so there was a great benefit to my mood (again, Lisa did a great article “Come On – Get Happy” a few days ago).

Have you had any aha moments about getting some activity in? Any tips to share?

Repeating Week 3 of #C25K – Perhaps Music Will Help?

22 Oct

I’m not sure how or why I thought I would like to jog. I’ve never been a jogger – even in school my shins & ankles hurt. And even though I was a “normal” weight and fitness level as a kid, I was always slow. But I’ve been getting into this movement stuff as a part of an overall healthy lifestyle path, and I thought it would be nice to be able to jog as a way to mix things up. Besides, I’m seeing how many of you LOVE to run! I want IN on that action!

So I tried. I headed out and alas, my ankles and shins really hurt after a block. I tried on grass and tracks with no relief. I am SO NOT an aggressive athlete type, so if it hurts, I stop.

Then I learned a bit about shoes, stride, rolling ankles, etc.  I headed to The Running Warehouse (mainly an online store but in my area!) to analyze my “stride”. We video taped, tried some shoes, retaped, tried again and BAM! I found a pair of shoes that I was actually able to “jog” (I use that term loosely) on the treadmill for a few (literally 3) minutes pain free. This may not sound like a big deal, but believe me, it was!

I learned about the Couch to 5K plan – and I thought, “Heck, I can jog for 60 seconds! Geesh, I workout like a madwoman with my trainer! I can do 18 Cindy’s in 20 minutes!”

And so it started… Weeks 1 – 3 were golden and I was feeling strong. I began Week 4 but my confidence quickly waned as my ankles and muscles to the outside of the shins became very tender.

I failed week 4. Really??? I can’t even jog for 5 minutes??? It’s weird because I’m extremely capable in so many areas of my life….

Then I re-read the #C25K plan and it said not to rush things and to repeat a week if necessary. Wooot – I have not failed… yet. (BTW – I’m going to give it a good try, but if after following the plan for a few more weeks, I’m still tender….)

So here’s to my Couch to 5K Week 3 friends – several 3 minutes songs for this week and 5 minute songs for next week. (Warning: My music tastes include mostly older stuff LOL.)

Couch to 5K – 3 Minute (more or less) Songs

Couch to 5k – 5 Minute (more or less) Songs

How is your #C25K plan going? AM I THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING?

Public Fitness Goals – For Better or Worse

11 Oct

Cruising the fitness blogs and social media circles, I’ve been noticing a goal setting theme. I was struck by Lisa Johnson’s ideas on “Engaging your Tribe” for Challenge Week. And I’m sensing there is real power in building your community (digital or otherwise) as a way to gain support and be accountable.

My goals are actually around exercise activities I don’t like much, and I don’t like them because they are HARD for me. Achieving these goals will be a result of being stronger, healthier, and more trusting of my abilities.

So here it goes, for better or worse, my 5 exercise goals:

  1. Jump rope for 2 minutes without tripping by the end of October. Why? I’m a bit uncoordinated and I should be able to do this, just out of principle, right? 2 weeks ago I couldn’t even make 10 jumps. I’m now up to 1 minute (on a good run), so that’s progress. Plus it will be good for my heart.
  2. Complete one of Sonjia’s CrossFit classes by the end of October. Why? Why not? I’ve been working out with her 2x per week for a while. Why am I afraid of her class? I’m not sure. But I’m going to do one – afraid or not!
  3. Do 10 x 10 of REAL burpees (jump up, jump out, push up, jump in) by the end of November. Why? The plyo aspect of this exercise is very intense for me – it will be good for my heart and improving my higher intensity endurance. I did 3 x 10 last night and was quite pleased with myself – I’ve never done 10 REAL burpees before, let alone 30 😉
  4. Jog 5K by mid December using the Couch to 5K Plan. Why? I’ve never been able to jog – even as a kid – my shins HURT! I even took a jogging class in college thinking that I would eventually condition enough to like it. NOT. But I just got new shoes and I can trudge along for a short distance (like really short) without pain! This would be a huge accomplishment for me – both mentally and physically. And conditioning in this way to be able to integrate jogging into my lifestyle (heck, you can do it anywhere) would be a nice thing to have in my toolbox.
  5. Be able to ride Poly Canyon on my bike by the end of December. Why? I want to be stronger on hills and more confident (not freaking out). (I recently remembered that didn’t ride a bike as a kid, so I was shocked at how bad I am!) For this goal, it’s ok if I stop and rest, but I want to be strong enough (mentally and physically) to not quit. I want to be better on my bike so that my boyfriend and I can head out and ride together.

What will it take for me to reach these goals? Practice and perseverance…. It’s just that simple. My regular activities need to incorporate a little time devoted to these activities. (Sonjia will be thrilled that I will volunteer for burpees and jumprope LOL.)

So thank you in advance for all of your fun chatter and support – it is much more fun being part of a community trying to make small changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

What are your goals? Have you gone public with them?


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