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What’s In a Name?

13 Sep

I figured it was finally time to get organized and uniformly secure  name in the digital world. (Note: I am not a blogger, but for now, this format is easier than a website.)

First step? The name… Can I get the same name on different platforms? Are they even available? I am fond of Krazy_Kris on twitter, but do I really want to brand myself as Krazy_Kris everywhere?

Naturally I was stoked to see that KrisMOConnor was available in various places — thank goodness, because I don’t have the mental energy to remember different names. And cross posting & linking with different handles is a pain.

Then I remembered the dreadful truth. This is my married name, and I’ve been divorced over a decade.

I’ve often thought about changing my name after my son went to college — he’s a high school senior now. But after 12 years in the same organization, it probably doesn’t make much sense at this point from a professional point of view. After all, I’ve even gotten a prestigious award with this name (proven by a magnum with Kris O’Connor beautifully etched into the glass).

Crazy thoughts continue….

What if I get remarried someday? It is not likely but not entirely impossible I suppose. Would I change my name? Would I be able to secure my new name in different places? I would have to do this all over. Should I just remain Krazy_Kris with all of its, uh,  implications?

This is all WAY too much to consider at 10 pm – so for now – I’m KrisMOConnor. (The M is for Michelle, like the Beatles song….)

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