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Bacon Wrapped Rumaki Recipe

22 Dec
Bacon Wrapped Rumaki

Bacon Wrapped Rumaki

Confession: I’ve never taken a homemade dish to a party. I know this is shocking, but it’s true. So when my sis announced her big party, I immediately remembered my family’s Bacon Wrapped Rumaki dish. Now that I’m a grown up,  and I want to be a polite party guest, I thought I should bring something that didn’t come from a market. My coming out appetizer destiny would be Bacon Wrapped Rumaki.

I remember eating this every holiday with my family – yep, that would be me, hovering around the oven, making polite conversation while secretly securing my position for the bacon wrapped goodness.

This certainly isn’t a health and wellness recipe, but it is worth every calorie! Aside from the bacon cooking time, the prep is really quick. And because this is a crowd favorite, I would strongly suggest making a double batch.  Continue reading

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