About Me | Professional Side

As the Executive Director for a small non-profit for 13 years, I’ve led, organized and executed a wide variety of programs. I’m always looking for special projects to continue my  learning. I enjoy helping teams succeed.  I pride myself on being thoughtful, professional, and efficient, all while keeping the end in mind. And I don’t speak in lingo.

Event Planning & Coordination: From logistics, sponsorships, planning, registrations, speaker coordination, to promotions, I’ve done it all. Whether the event is big or small, I may be able to help you.

Special Projects: Do you have a project that has been lingering on your to-do list for a while? Many times fresh eyes, new energy, and the ask for help is all you need to cross it off your list and be free of the burden of unfinished projects.

Data Analysis & Presentation: I love a beefy spreadsheet and a beautiful pivot table. I love digging in, drilling down, and slicing and dicing to make sense of all. I especially enjoy  knowing how to communicate the information clearly to a specific audience. And I’m really good at that.

Speaking Engagements: While my technical and professional background revolve around agriculture and the environment, lessons from our award winning programs are transferable to other sectors. I can speak on a variety of topics – community building, creating cultural change, and measuring behavior. And as a mostly-over-committed professional woman and single mother, I enjoy sharing my humorous lessons on striving for sanity through fitness and balance.

Notable Achievements

I welcome the opportunity to support you, please contact me for more information.

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