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Kris M OConnor

I’m just another pre-new empty-nester wondering what my nest will look like and how to grow up with a bit of purpose.  I’m a wannabe fitness/culinary guru who can neither cook nor jog. I bought a bike to incorporate into my lifestyle and quickly remembered that I didn’t ride a bike as a kid – so that has been interesting.

Last summer’s garden did not survive my digital addiction (aside from the oregano which I couldn’t identify when the need arose).

So while I  try to figure out how to mince basil & do kettlebell swings while tweeting, I’ll share some of my sweet and snarky thoughts regarding this new chapter.

My Day Job? I’m the Executive Director for the small, non-profit Central Coast Vineyard Team where I do everything from events, HR, research, data analysis, board development, communications, grant administration, research, strategic planning, and dumping the trash (just to name a few).

And yes, I share my birthday with Lucy.

Interested in More Info? 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

One Response to “About Me | The Quirky Side”

  1. lindsay November 27, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    now that is a cool job! What a wonderful story.

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