Lifting Weights – My Workout Swap Recap

10 Dec

Workout buddies hold us accountable and add some fun & motivation on days that I’d rather nap on the couch. I don’t really have any exercise partners at home (waaaaaaaah), but I’ve found oodles of friends through my social media tribe which I am VERY thankful for and are a source of ongoing encouragement.

Even though we’re a thousand miles apart, Suzanne from Workout Nirvana (@workoutnirvana) tops my list of workout partners through our Workout Swaps. Here’s how it works: We each design routines based on our “normal” (I do high rep functional routines & she lifts weights), and the other person does the other’s routine. We enjoy both celebrating & commiserating over each others workouts & it is UBER FUN! 

For this one, I must admit that I felt a bit blah – so I didn’t knock it out of the park. But I did it (it took about an hour) – so I’m counting it! Suzanne, on the other hand, KILLED my routine (as I knew she would). (Check out her recap.)

High Intensity Weight Lifting Routine

Once again, Suzanne put together a GREAT High Intensity – Full Body Weight Routine. If you’re ever looking for a plan and want a killer workout – definitely give this workout a try! My go to music for this? Stevie Ray Vaughan Soul to Soul Album **big grin**


Once again, I’m pleased to announce that I killed this part. And as usual, I tagged on a few extra minutes & did about 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Pushups with Dumbell Rows & Step Ups with Dumbbell – Superset

I was really looking forward to the pushup with dumbbell row – although I’m not sure why….. But the gym didn’t have any non-round weights! EEEEK! So I did old-school pushups instead and “forgot” the row (sigh…).  I did the step ups (fairly high step) with 15# dumbells. Supersetting these two exercises certainly got my heart rate up! (BTW You HAVE to see her pic of doing this – she is amazing!)

Inverted Rows & Power Lunge – Superset

I LOVE inverted rows! Sonjia taught me this one and it is hard, but oh so good! (I’ve been known to do a few at the playground by my house too **snickers**.) And I thought I had done every lunge variation, but I’d never done this one before. I gotta say, the little “oomph” at the end was HARD! Again – between the back and the legs – my heart rate was up!

Arnold Press & Squats/Calf Raises – Superset

I love how Suzanne threw in a tasty little shoulder press variation. Modifying the starting point and adding the twist definitely worked the muscles differently.  Again, combining this with the squats & calf raises got me sweating (geesh – I am such a sissy!).

Bicep 21’s & Skullcrushers & Bench Jumps – Superset

You’ve got to be kidding me…. I did the biceps & skull crushers with the curlyQ bar (not sure what it’s called) and went LIGHT cuz I knew the 21’s would kill me. And I’m sorry to say that there was NOT more bounce in California that day, so no jumps for me. BUT, I climbed stairs (I did 3 rounds of 2 stories at a leisurely pace for a set) – so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Plate Twist & Reverse Crunch & Bicycle

OK – I’ve been on the road – and my body is really feeling it in terms of my strength and endurance and ABS! I love the plate twist – and although I was tempted to use a medicine ball, I used a plate just for Suzanne. Reverse Crunch? I HATE these – but that’s what’s great about workoutswap – I did them cuz it was on my list, and as long as it wasn’t going to hurt me, I’m committed 😉 And yes, the bicycle is one of those PERFECT ab exercises – a great addition to any routine.

Cool Down

Pleased to say I killed this part too – skootched a mat to a little corner, turned up The Doors Crystal Ship (before you slip into unconsciousness….) and slipped into my little happy place.

Care to join us for #WorkoutSwap?

Give us a little tweet & we’ll get it done!

On a side note, I also did Greta’s (@middleagedjock) cardio workout too – and that’s something I would have NEVER done on my own. So I owe big thanks to both Greta & Suzanne for getting me to the gym 2x that week when I was SOOOOOO not motivated to do so. Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Lifting Weights – My Workout Swap Recap”

  1. deb roby December 10, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    When the gym doesn’t have weights that you can use, grab wieght plates. 10#ers would have made this fun.

  2. Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana December 10, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    Yow! You did kill it whether you want to admit it or not. Pushups with step-ups?? 15 lbs?! That’s really challenging and I bet your heart rate was up. I am so glad you enjoyed the inverted rows/power lunges! Maybe the most intense part of the workout… would like to incorporate more of that next time. Stairs w/ the arms is a great idea – love the modifications b/c in real life, not everyone’s gym looks the same. Hmm, glad to know you don’t like reverse crunches . There’s many more variations – for future reference! 😉

    You are no sissy – you’ve been off your regular routine yet you still did this one. Good job, and thanks again for being such a great workout partner :).

    • Kris O'Connor @Krazy_Kris December 10, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

      Ah – Thank YOU Suzanne! Really, you have helped me so much – you have no idea – I’m so grateful for our friendship and FUN (sort of hehehe) workouts 😉

  3. lindsay December 10, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    oh bummer, I love the pushup rows. Too bad it didn’t workout (pun intended, haha)!
    I’ll have to check out greta’s!

    • Kris O'Connor @Krazy_Kris December 10, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

      Do you mean “love” like “I Love Lucy”? or “love” like “hate”? Yep – we all did well for this one – definitely check out Suzanne’s – she KILLED it!


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